natural stone flooring / limestone / for office / for hotel



  • Material:

    natural stone, limestone

  • Market:

    for office, for hotel, residential

  • Format:


  • Finish:

    smooth, textured, matte, aged, natural finish

  • Appearance:

    stone look

  • Color:

    beige, sand

  • Options:

    interior, non-slip, energy-efficient


The interior floor of a room is a very important aspect to bear in mind when creating the decorative style of the whole house.

Indoors limestone and sandstone flooring provide a great touch of personality and strength to the projects that opt for a natural decoration style, with sustainable materials coming directly from the nature.

Our selection of natural stones and their different textures are compatible with cozy and minimalist interiors, or with the daring styles that evoke the passage of time. The use of natural stone in the indoor paving is increasingly desired, in order to provide an architectural continuity to the open spaces intended to the outdoor.

The range of available colors and textures for our limestones and sandstones, which are generally of matt aspect, allow an easy combination with the other decorative elements of the room. They are wear resistant, besides, with the passage of time, due they are a noble material, their natural beauty is enhanced, which is impossible to achieve with the artificial stones or just using ceramics.

Their maintenance and cleaning is possible thanks to the sealing and waxing treatments, which we always advise to apply after their installation. Please, consult us and we will advise you about the products you can use.

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