wooden roof framing

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wooden roof framing wooden roof framing - RIGIDLAM® LVL


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You’ve probably been framing with traditional solid sawn lumber beams, headers, columns and studs for as long as you’ve been building. Now, through advances in technology and design, there is a better choice – RigidLam® LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) beams, headers, columns and studs. They are simply a better alternative than traditional solid sawn lumber pieces. Why not make the job easier by working with a stronger, stiffer, consistent and more predictable building material. Compared with similar sized sections, our RigidLam LVL products can support heavier loads and allow greater spans than conventional lumber.


Stronger, stiffer, more consistent
Dimensionally stable
APA quality assured
FSC® certified LVL available
Longer spans than conventional lumber (fewer supports required)
Greater load carrying capacity than conventional lumber
Wide width (up to 7’’)
Product & Performance Warranty