closed wood hearth / central / metal



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Using very unusual mechanics, the panel can be completely retracted down into the casing, offering an even more natural view ofthe fire. When the glass is closed, it radiates a mild, gentle heat without the admirer having to miss out on the lively spectacle ofthe flames. Atrium promises to provide fiery passion from an all-angles perspective.

The revolutionary all-round glazing of the Rüegg ATRIUM gives completely new views of the fire and rekindles the original fascination of the open fire within your own four walls.

360° design and perfection: Thanks to its extraordinary mechanism, the panel can be slid completely up into the cladding and thus offers an even more natural view of the fire. With the panel closed, it radiates gentle, mellow warmth without the need for the onlooker to forego the lively play of the flames. Atrium promises glowing passion from an all-round perspective.

And not just enthralled by the view of the fire, no, the Atrium is also great for use as an indoor barbecue area. Enjoy a steak from the “camp fire” even in the winter.