intrusion detector / surface-mounted / for doors and windows



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    for doors and windows


Burglary protection with the RWE SmartHome door and window sensor
Protect your home and save energy with a door and window sensor

Would you like to be able to check at any time whether you closed the door and windows when you left home? No problem with the RWE SmartHome door and window sensor! The RWE SmartHome door and window sensor enables you to save energy through intelligent networking with your RWE SmartHome home automation system.

Burglary protection for windows practical and important
Open windows or an unlocked door are a real invitation to burglars. Although many people are aware of burglary protection, its very common for doors and windows in the home to be poorly protected. With the door and window sensor from RWE SmartHome you can check the access points to your house at any time even when you arent at home.

Keep in touch when youre on the road
RWE SmartHome makes burglary protection for windows easier than ever: install the door and window sensor unobtrusively on the window casement and frame, and a magnetic contact will detect whether the window or door is open or closed. You can access this information from your computer or smartphone* when youre away from home

Advantages for you:

Enhanced burglary protection
Energy savings
Mobile home automation even when youre away