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    for homes


The Sabiana Energy Smart units are high efficiency ventilation units with heat recovery and are designed for residential applications. The units replace the stuffy air of indoor environments with filtered air coming from the outside thanks to a special F7 class microfilter. The hexagonal counterflow heat recovery unit avoids any winter heat losses due to the introduction of fresh air, thereby recovering up to 91% of the extraction heat and conveying it towards the incoming fresh air provided in the occupied room. Moreover, each unit is fitted with a medium efficiency filter (M5) installed at the extraction air inlet in order to avoid any duct infiltration inside the equipment. All Energy Smart units comply with the 2018 efficiency limits imposed by Regulation 1253/14. As well as the type of installation, the range can also be classified based on the type of control: • Pro unit with automatic centralised control with humidity probe: ENY-SP (vertical) ENY-SHP (horizontal) • Standard unit with time programming control: ENY-S (vertical)