PVC stretch ceiling / acoustic

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PVC stretch ceiling / acoustic PVC stretch ceiling / acoustic


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SAROS DESIGN COMFORT stretch ceiling is the easily producible way to create acoustic comfort
in the room on the basis of a new line of perforated materials, while maintaining the attractive appearance
typical for stretch ceilings.
The sound waves from a source located in the room are partially absorbed through the holes in SAROS
DESIGN COMFORT perforated stretch ceiling. Air in the pores of the stretch ceiling offers resistance to
the initial sound wave partially transforming it into heat energy and reducing its power. Air in the ceiling void
provides additional resistance to the sound. Further vibrations of the reflected sound waves are absorbed
by stretch ceiling thereby ensuring the reduction of the reverberation time in the room.

SAROS DESIGN COMFORT acoustic ceilings made of microperforated PVC foil were tested in
Acoustical Investigation & Research Organisation LTD (London) accredited by UKAS laboratory. According
to the issued certificate N2 L/3220 of 26.01.2012 it was given «D» class of absorption: