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driven-pipe pile / concrete

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driven-pipe pile / concrete driven-pipe pile / concrete


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The hollow circular section characterizes the centrifuged piles with external diameters varying between 26 and 80 centimeters. Through the process of condensing, through the centrifugation of the concrete, the piles reach structural load capacities that vary between 500 and 5000 kN, with a length of up to 12 meters, which can be designed in elements with up to 15 meters, according to the jobs needs and the transportation conditions.

The characteristics of the concrete components are fundamental in order to obtain a high quality and reliable product. Selected raw materials, efficient technological control and automated plants are used in order to obtain the proper consistency of the concrete for centrifugation.
During centrifugation, part of the water is eliminated from the mixture. Thus, the water/cement factor is reduced to the extreme, conferring the pile with the highest characteristics that can be desired for concrete elements, in other words:

High mechanical resistance
Durability in highly aggressive environments.