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reinforced concrete column / prefab
Ø33CM - Ø100CM



  • Material:

    reinforced concrete

  • Other characteristics:



The SCAC centrifuged reinforced concrete columns have an excellent superficial finish, great impermeability and compaction, due to its manufacturing process. They have a hollow circular section, with an external diameter that may vary from Ø33cm to Ø100cm, and the variable lengths go up to 25m (monolithic units). The thickness of the wall and the frame may be dimensioned to meet the structural requirements of the project. There is also the possibility of concreting the internal empty space of the column at the worksite, with the eventual use of a complementary frame, which allows enhancing the compression load capacity.
The form with which the columns are delivered at the worksite enables the easy and fast integration with the foundation block as well as the slab capitol. The manufacturing times are reduced and provide an easy assembly.