roller shutter / aluminum / for facades / security
RL 13



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    for facades

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Box Roller Blind KRL 13 is an aesthetic and functional masterpiece. It provides a perfect view of the outdoors from indoors. Depending on the intensity of the sun exposure, the shade opening can be flexibly adapted during the day from transparency to darkness by opening and closing the blind. Box Roller Blind KRL 13 functions as a classic sun shade during the day and can also be completely closed at night if preferred.

What makes Box Rolller Blind KRL 13 from Schenker Storen unique
-The fine sliding profiles measuring only 13 mm high create a visually light, permeable drop, leaving nothing to be desired in terms of functionality and security
-Complete darkening when closed
-Transparency and air permeability when the drop is stretched
-The drop is locked on both sides along the entire height so that the profiles cannot move from side to side