aluminum edge trim / for tiles / outside corner



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    for tiles, outside corner


Application and Function
Schlüter®-ECK-E is a stainless steel corner profile for tiled walls, offering excellent protection for edges subject to heavy stresses, e.g., in industrial kitchens, slaughterhouses, sanitary facilities, and hospitals. The surface of the profile forms a symmetrically rounded outside corner for the tiled surface. The profile provides excellent edge protection in case of mechanical stresses, as well as a clean and decorative finish for the wall corner.

Schlüter®-ECK-E is especially suitable for areas where strict hygienic requirements must be met (e.g. hospitals, industrial kitchens, clean rooms, washrooms and food-processing plants) and where aesthetic appeal is desired.

The Schlüter®-ECK-E installed at external wall corners can be combined with the cove-shaped stainless steel profiles Schlüter®-DILEX-EHK at internal wall corners and Schlüter®-DILEX-EHKS for floor/ wall transitions.