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wall-mounted display panel / outdoor / digital / luminous



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    digital, luminous

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CONTURAN® is used whenever protection of precious displays in combination with minimized undesirable reflection is needed.

CONTURAN® is an anti-reflective glass with an optical interference coating on either one or both sides. As a result, this coating design prevents optical reflections from sunlight or artificial light being caused by the glass surface.

CONTURAN® can be used for different applications, including indicator board covers, railroad destination indicators, anti-reflective filters for technical displays, and many more. It can basically be put to use anywhere irritating reflections occur.

reduction of irritating reflections
high transmission and increased contrast
high abrasion resistance and chemical stability extends its lifetime, makes it hardly vulnerable and easy to clean
appears to be invisible and neutral in color, yet enables perfect viewing
available in any customized shape, form or set-up