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refrigerated display case with shelves / upright / illuminated / for shops



  • Type:

    shelf, upright

  • Options and accessories:


  • Location:

    for shops


The newly introduced glass material CONTURAN® Low-E from SCHOTT offers decisive advantages in the area of food presentation: saving energy - and presenting goods better.

The trend in the retail food trade of outfitting and retrofitting with energy efficient
refrigeration units is creating clear advantages for customers and sellers. Refrigerated goods can be optimally presented in energy-saving, glazed refrigerated units and are therefore a sustainable alternative to open refrigerated furniture. The newly launched CONTURAN® Low-E glass from SCHOTT provides the necessary combination of energy efficiency and anti-reflection. Also SCHOTT CONTURAN® allows a clear view of the goods on offer and is free of distracting reflections.

Clear, reflection free visibility
High color rendering index
Attractive presentation of goods
Less energy consumption
More sustainability
Fast payback
High mechanical resistance of the coating in everyday use