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steel profile / for curtain walls / for mullions and transoms



  • Material:


  • Applications:

    for curtain walls

  • Other characteristics:

    for mullions and transoms


The VISS Ixtra system provides unique architectural solutions with innovative connecting technology. Profiles processed using a high performance laser, offer the highest levels of precision from accurate cutting. This means a perfect appearance when fabricating steel load-bearing profiles.

Key benefits:
Ixtra large: mullions running continuously over more than one storey due to very high static strength. Can also take vertical loads (e.g. skylights)
Ixtra slimline: continuous face widths of only 50 mm or 60 mm
Ixtra strong: independent load-bearing profile wall thicknesses up to 25 mm
Ixtra beautiful: machining of the web and flanges offers a variety of load-bearing profile configurations
Ixtra efficient: can be combined with the standard VISS system with push-on transoms
Ixtra transparent: large and heavy glass units allow a high degree of transparency
Ixtra secure: CE-approved system, tested in accordance with TRAV, burglar resistance up to WK3
Ixtra variable: infinite profile geometries with box, T, L, H or I contours