hanging light fixture / surface-mounted / LED / linear



  • Type:

    hanging, surface-mounted

  • Light source:


  • Shape:


  • Material:

    extruded aluminum, PMMA

  • Protection class:


  • Other characteristics:

    commercial, modular lighting system


ALIKET Continuous Line

Aliket is a continuous line lighting system, with LED technology, being specially indicated for the illumination of any commercial space.

20w / 30w / 40w / 50w / 60w / 75w

Aliket Continuous Line LED.

Versatile luminaire mounted with LED technology Osram Duris E5 for installations at medium altitude and Oslon SSL for high altitudes installations, which, together with their performance and different systems of distribution of the light beam, control systems and emergency kits, resulting in a luminaire perfectly adaptable to any kind of surface.

Aliket línea continua.
Easy installation.

Aliket, thanks to its innovative design, it makes the join of the modules easier and more simple, simply introducing the connector tho the next luminaire, and so on, until the continuous line is completed.
Up to 55 meters in a line of luminaires with a single point of supply.

Aliket línea continua.
Elegance and modernity.

Smart and modern aesthetic. Luminaire with a versatile design that fits perfectly in any kind of space (parking, shops, education, offices, industry and in any kind of application that needs illumination through continuous line). Integrated drivers within each module.

Aliket continuous line LED.

Aliket mounts a 4 positions selector, each one connected to a phase, which allows to turn on, to turn off and even left without power each module individually, without affecting the rest of the line. This allows an optimum energy efficiency, adjusting the amount of light needed.