patterned glass panel / textured / for interior / colored



  • Appearance:

    patterned, textured

  • Applications:

    for interior

  • Other characteristics:

    colored, translucent


Acid-etched glass decorated on both sides. The layout of the lines gives a pleasant moving optical effect: it seems youll be able to see through the glass, but you never will.

SatenDecor® artistic designs create harmonies or contrasts through a seductive game of transparencies and luminosity. Designs that communicate with us through their shapes and the smoothness of their texture which are untouched by the passing of time.

Doors, screens and dividers.
Shower stalls.
Furniture in general
For offices, homes, business premises, hotels, schools, etc.

Highly fingerprint and stain resistant.
SatenDecor® is long-lasting and easy to clean.
It is resistant to damp and can be exposed to both the sun and artificial light. Unchanged by time.
Guaranteed homogenous quality: we use a single source of base-glass to ensure homogeneity between orders, especially important for large-scale installations and construction.
Easy transformation: cutting, bevelling, curving, drilling, laminating, tempering and suitable for double glazing
High production capacity for large projects, with short delivery times.
Well-known international brands and guaranteed quality backed by 30 years as the market leader.
SEVASA holds the quality certificate ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 in environmental quality.