carpet tile / tufted / loop pile / structured



  • Fabrication:

    tufted, loop pile, structured

  • Material:


  • Market:


  • Other characteristics:

    Green Label Plus, tile, PVC-free


product type:carpet tile
style number:59595
construction:level loop
fiber:eco solution q® nylon
dye method:100% solution dyed
primary backing:synthetic
secondary backing:ecoworx® tile
protective treatments:ssp® shaw soil protection
warranty:lifetime commercial limited
product size:18.0 x 36.0 inches45.7 x 91.4 cm
gauge:1/10 inch39.4 per 10cm
stitches:11.5 per inch45 per 10cm
finished pile thickness:0.115 inches2.92 mm
average density:9391 per cu.yd.0.348 g/cm3
kilotex:16.04 kilotex
total thickness:0.257 inches6.53 mm
tuffted weight:30.0 oz/yd21017.2 gms/sqm
gsa approved producttrue
coordinating products
carpet tile: blur tile, fade tile, overlay tile
performance + testing
antimicrobial assessment:passes (AATCC-174) (When installed using Shaw 5036 adhesive)
pill test:pass
radiant panel:class I
nbs smoke:less than 450
electrostatic propensity:less than 3.5 kv
CRI greenlabel plus:USA (GLP9968)

product transparency
Shaw Contract is dedicated to providing clients with a building chemistry that's safe and dependable. Working together, we will help you meet your goals as they pertain to material health. EcoWorx products with Eco Solution Q nylon are Cradle to Cradle Certified (tm) Silver and assessed for impacts on human health and the environment. This product can be recycled. When it's time to replace, we can collect and recycle it through our Environmental Guarantee.*