temperature detector / brightness / combined / surface-mounted
5WG1 254-3EY02

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temperature detector temperature detector - 5WG1 254-3EY02


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    temperature, brightness, combined

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Dual Sensor AP 254/02

for measuring and transmitting outdoor temperature and brightness, measuring range of temperature: -25 °C ... +55 °C, measuring range of brightness 1 Lux ... 100 000 Lux, sensing angle horizontally -60° ... +60°, vertically -35° ... +66,5°,
with a solar protection channel for automatic control of solar protection equipment, with start and stop of the automatic control via an object or via a dusk/dawn ambient light level threshold, with up to three light level thresholds for controlling the position (height and angle of slats) of the solar protection blinds, with optional setting of the light level thresholds by sending a bus telegram to an associated learning object, with deactivation of the solar protection channel via an associated blocking object,
with up to four universal channels for controlling switching, dimming, and solar protection actuators based on ambient light level and/or temperature, with alternative selection of threshold switch for light level, threshold switch for temperature, or threshold switch for light level and temperature combined, with optional teach-in of the light level threshold for each universal channel via an associated learning object, with deactiviation of each universal channel via an associated blocking object (1 bit), with optional second object for sending a second telegram when the threshold condition is met,
with bus-powered electronics,
with integrated bus coupling unit, bus connection via bus terminal,
for surface mounting, with degree of protection IP54.

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