wall-mounted range hood / with built-in lighting



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    with built-in lighting


Angled extractor hood with outstanding design and high extraction rate for a powerful performance.

Brushless motor: powerful and quiet extraction of steam.
cookConnect System: Control your extractor hood directly from your Cooktop (with matching cooktop).
The climateControl Sensor monitors steam and odours and adjusts the power level automatically.
emotionLight Pro: Adapt your extractor hood to your style.
Home Connect: Remote access to a selection of features of your extractor hood via smartphone or tablet. (only in countries where Home Connect service is available).

Intensive setting with automatic after revert setting

The intensive setting temporarily increases the extraction rate when kitchen vapour is especially intense, with automatic revert after 6 minutes.
Highlight your kitchen: emotionLight Pro

Your cooker hood now adapts to your mood. Simply choose between many different ambient background light colours – for a cooker hood that matches how you feel. For even more possibilities, the colour range can be extended via the Home Connect App.
Perfect cooperation: cookConnect system and climateControl sensor

Your cooktop and hood now get along well with each other. When you start cooking, the hood activates itself and the power level and the light can be adjusted right on the cooktop or automatically by the climateControl sensor that detects the amount of steam and odours.