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The Metro Mat Sustainable Entryway System reduces maintenance costs, requires fewer cleaning chemicals and prolongs the life of valuable floors. Backed with BioGrip, natural rubber and 100% post-consumer recycled secondary backing, Metro Mats are 40% green by weight. Leading the way to cleaner interiors and a greener environment.
With its anti-slip backing and water-hoarding performance, the Metro Mat System ensures a safe path throughout the walking area. Metro Mats removes large and small particulate dirt, mud, sand and moisture before they have a chance to harm the flooring surface.
Metro Mats are backed with EnviroCel™ polyurethane backing systems for commercial carpet that contain recycled, recovered and renewable materials and are 60% to 70% green by weight. EnviroCel replaces large percentages of the petroleum-based components in its polyurethane chemistry with Argol® polyols made from soybean plants.
EnviroCel also contains Celceram®, a recovered pre-consumer recycled mineral compound that adds to the products environmental and performance benefits. BioGrip offers maximum non-skid performance featuring 100% natural rubber and the protective fleece layer is 100% post-consumer recycled material.