ceiling acoustic panel / for false ceilings / wall-mounted / for partition walls



  • Applications:

    for ceilings, for false ceilings, wall-mounted, for partition walls, for interior

  • Material:


  • Other characteristics:

    perforated, colored, design, fire-retardant, auditorium, precast

  • Market:

    for offices, for public buildings, home

  • Thickness:

    50 mm

  • Width:

    610 mm

  • Length:

    610 mm


Different colour finishes and the option to paint your own bespoke colour makes this design versatile enough to be used in any environment from schools to offices with its four differently leveled plains in one panel. Cubism not only has fantastic acoustic properties but the asymmetrical design offers the user the ability to use 16 units in a square before repeating the pattern. The nature of this product ensures it is non-toxic, and is therefore guaranteed not to irritate or react with allergies.

Product Benefits

Soundtect Cubism panels reduce reverberation by offering Class A absorption to increase speech intelligibility in a specific area while reducing background sound noise levels.The panels are easily to install; wall mounted or used to create floating ceilings that absorb sound and enhance sound quality.