contemporary vase / steel / concrete
WEIGHT Decha Archjananun / ECAL

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contemporary vase contemporary vase - WEIGHT Decha Archjananun / ECAL


  • Style:


  • Material:

    steel, concrete


4 sizes : A / B / C / D
4 Colors : Concrete; blue, yellow and red
Made in France
The Weight Vases renew the way we expose flowers
How can vases play a role in flower arrangement?
This simple question was asked by the designer Decha Archjananun regarding this historical object which was created since Neolithic period.
The designer found that, «there are 2 important parts which function differently.
Top part (vase-mount), has a duty to hold flower stem and base part, to hold water and also offer a stability to the vase.» “
Weight” brings a new perspective on a vase design by the separation of 2 different parts which support each other.
Water container is made of concrete pile-up on a steel piece to give stability for holding flowers.
In the collection, there are 4 vases for different flower setting from single flower to flowers panel.
A design from Decha Archjananun (thinkk studio) / ECAL