contemporary TV wall unit / lacquered wood / glass / with built-in light



  • Style:


  • Material:

    lacquered wood, glass

  • Options:

    with built-in light


Thanks to innovative solutions such as integrated sound systems and
the integration of smartphones and tablets, Spectral is a pioneer in the
fusion of fine living and entertaining technology. At imm cologne 2016,
the smart furniture pioneer presents another smart function of its Ameno
furniture range: a deceptively realistic-looking virtual fire, for a cosy
living room atmosphere.
Ameno – the furniture
Ameno is a fully modular system with minimalistic design, and thanks to a range
of surface materials such as glass, wood veneer and ceramic, is completely
customisable. Typically of Spectral, despite all the visually appealing features of
Ameno that are bound to impress, the focus of its furniture systems still remains
on integrating consumer electronics. The central element is the so-called backbone,
functional channel for cables, multiple sockets, smartphone docks and
more, which is accessible at the top of the functional channel. Integrated virtual
surround sound systems produce fantastic home cinema sound.
Ameno with integrated fireplace
The integration of an electric fire into the Ameno furniture range is a brand new
function in every sense of the word. Two different technologies are available:
Smart Fire and Smart Flame.
Smart Fire: fire from film
Smart Fire makes use of an illusion from the 19th century, the »Pepper’s-Ghost«
effect. A HD movie of an open fire, including flying sparks and smoke effects,
is projected through a monitor above the fire bed. Anyone who looks into
the fireplace sees this reflected projection and can enjoy the cosy ambience
without all the drawbacks of a conventional fire.

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