wooden suspended ceiling / tile / panel / strip
GRID 6-30-70-30



  • Material:


  • Configuration:

    tile, panel, strip

  • Technical characteristics:

    acoustic, flame-retardant, decorative

  • Options:

    curved, ecological

  • Width:

    360 mm

  • Length:

    3,000 mm


The Spigoline range is designed to offer all the versatility in solid wood slats claddings. It can be installed on ceilings and walls, on concave, convex and corrugated surfaces, in vertical, horizontal and even inclined positions.

Wood occupies a place of honour among all materials used to cover ceilings and walls. Its warmth makes it perfect for large spaces where large numbers of people are concentrated.

Thanks to its conception as a pre-assembled panel, Spigoline offers the warmth and visual cadence of wooden slats in a system that is quick and easy to install, and that guarantees consistent results. Check with us the range of finishes available, in wood or in the solid RAL colour of your choice, to achieve the ambiance that you strive for.

The Spigoline Grid system consists of solid wood slats (square or rectangular sections) placed parallel to each other, connected by wooden rods (diameter 12 mm). It can be suspended from standard T-15 profile grids, or fastened to wooden strips for wall installation or inclined surfaces. In both cases it allows for easy removal for access to any installation behind the panels.

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