Finnish sauna / home / commercial / wooden



  • Type:


  • Market:

    home, commercial

  • Material:

    wooden, ABS


Restore Module SAUNA T ° 90-95 ° C

The Sauna Cabin module is composed of a self-supporting structure, dressed outside with a polished and glossy ABS coating that guarantees waterproofness, durability and maximum resistance to UV rays (specific treatment of the material).

The interior is dressed in wood panels (internal finish provided by wooden slats of 8 cm Hemlock and mounted horizontally). Insulation of the cabin ensured by compressed rockwool and supplemented with aluminum foil. The wooden benches, type Thermo Wood are suspended on two levels and the compartment in which is housed the electric heater consists of a perforated wall solid wood.

The floor of the cabin is finished and dressed in wood (identical to the interior of the cabin). The digital control panel can be positioned on the outside of the structure in a room or remote.

Accessories :

- Head supports
- hourglass
- Thermo hygrometer
- Bucket and ladle.
- 6.0 kW electric steel heater complete with accessories
- Digital control unit
- LoudSpeakers
- Emergency button
- Lighting system with RGB LED strip behind the pierced wood wall
- 8 mm extra-clear tempered glass front window complete with accessories and handles
- Wooden cup connected to a pipe to put the water over the boiler