water massage bed



Sliming care and relaxation
( Watermass + Affusion shower)

- This device combines the active properties of warm and essential oils with efficient and relaxing body modelling
- Use : Exists for thermal corrosive warter / domestic water / sea water.


The process helps to fight against cellulite and fat deposits in various stages of the treatment.
several stages of the treatment are defined towards providing anti cellulite / fat patches care in 2 steps :
- Defibrosis action: helps to breack up fat patches, tones up, restart and stimulates the fibroplasts.
- Draining action: activates the fat releasing, oxygenation and elimination.
This precise care protocol is efficient and also improves the skin elasticity and quality.

Combining essential oils body modelling with salty or thermal warm water spray and chromotherapy.
WATERMASS care associates potentially active and quick results of limpho-aesthetic body massag on cellulite and localized fat patches, with relaxation. It provides a real sensation of well-being during and after every session, and excellent results that make it an innovative, unique care.


This synergy of water-modelling, warm water, essential oils, and chromotherapy stands really care palpate-roll on the market today and sometimes «over» represented by some Spa institutes.

You offer in that sense to your clients an alternative to what is actually proposed by your competitors with a unique and pleasant care.

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