PV inverter / string / single-phase / transformerless
STECAGRID 1800-4200



  • Power source:


  • Connection:


  • Phase:


  • Options and accessories:

    transformerless, for residential installations

  • Peak power:

    Min.: 1,800 W (2 hp)

    Max.: 4,200 W (6 hp)


Highest efficiency with longer service life
The high efficiency results in a peak efficiency of 98.6 % and a european efficiency of up to 98.3 %, which results in less lost power that must be dissipated into the environment. This improves your yields.

In addition to this, a new and unique cooling concept inside the inverter ensures an even distribution of the dissipated heat and a long service life for the device.

Product design and visualisation
The StecaGrid has a graphical LCD display for visualising the energy yield values, current performance and operating parameters of the system. Its innovative menu allows individual selection of the various measurements.

The guided, pre-programmed menu allows easy final commissioning of the device.