PV inverter / string / three-phase / transformerless
STECAGRID 3203x/4003x/4803x/5503x

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PV inverter PV inverter - STECAGRID 3203x/4003x/4803x/5503x


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  • Phase:


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  • Peak power:

    Min.: 3,300 W (4 hp)

    Max.: 5,620 W (8 hp)


Inverter topology

The coolcept inverter topology was first implemented in the single-phase StecaGrid. It achieved optimum efficiency ratings thanks to the innovative switching concept. The three-phase coolcept³-x inverters also benefit from the advantages of this switching concept. The three-phase topology is fully reactive current capable and therefore set up to meet demands that may be made in future as well.
Always symmetrical

The advantage of three-phase feeding is that the produced solar capacity is always symmetrically distributed on all three power conductors to the public power grid. This is the case across the whole output range offered by these inverters. The symmetrical feed-in is very much in the interests of the power supply companies, and is also compatible with domestic three-phase consumption.
Highest efficiency with longer service life

The high efficiency results in a peak efficiency of 98.6 %, which means that less power is lost that must be dissipated into the environment. This improves your yields.

As at least two phases of a three-phase feed-in design feed energy into the grid, it is not necessary to provide for intermediate energy storage in the device, as must be done in the case of single-phase feed-in. For this reason, the coolcept³-x inverters dispense completely with the electrolytic capacitors that are required for intermediate storage. These capacitors may influence the service life of electronic devices as they may dry out. Therefore by using coolcept³-x inverters, plant operators may expect to benefit from their long service lives.