PV inverter / with transformer / modular / for residential installations



  • Power source:


  • Options and accessories:

    with transformer, modular, for residential installations

  • Peak power:

    Max.: 500 W (1 hp)

    Min.: 300 W (0 hp)


The inverter series comprises the StecaGrid 300 and StecaGrid 500 inverters, with rated outputs of 300 W and 500 W, respectively.

StecaGrid 300 and StecaGrid 500 are built in a modular manner and are simple to install. With distribution over three phases, the system can at any time be expanded as desired, and thus flexibly adapts to your solar power system. StecaGrid 300 and StecaGrid 500 have an independent MPP tracker and achieve a very high efficiency of up to 95.8 %.

Product features
Flexible and expandable
High efficiency
Low weight
Simple installation
Wall-mounting with top-hat rail
Multi-coloured LED shows operating states
United Kingdom variants as per G83 available
Spain variants available

Guarantee service
StecaGrid 300 and StecaGrid 500 inverters come with a 5-year guarantee. The guarantee period can be optionally extended up to 10 years.