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wood fiber expansion joint / for walls / concrete floor slab / for flooring screed



  • Material:

    in wood fiber

  • Applications:

    for walls, concrete floor slab, for flooring screed


Produced and supervised according to current European and American standards
Standard sizes and customised panels and strips
Easy processing with common tools
Production certified according to ISO 9001:2015

Expansion joint filler for concrete slab and wall construction
Protection board for pressure-sensitive layers
Board for wet screed and dry screed applications

STEICO’s Expansion Joint Filler Boards and STEICO’s Protection Boards are woodfibre softboards impregnated with bitumen. This process gives the boards a high water resistance, high compression strength and an extraordinary long durability.

STEICObitumen is only manufactured out of European timber from strictly controlled and sustainable forests. In its application as an Expansion Joint Filler Board, STEICO bitumen boards offer the highest quality and can be used in all types of Expansion Joints. Typically it is used in North America, the UK, the Middle East and Asia and thus it complies with the ASTM and the British Standards.

STEICO’s Protection Board complies with the same standards and has the same high quality features. It is used as a protection board for membranes in waterproofing technology applications.

STEICO’s high standards in both product development and production ensure products of the highest quality.