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Stretch Ceilings is proud to offer the latest in Fibre Optic Lighting Solutions to provide the ultimate in mood lighting and starry sky effects.

Solid experience and product awareness in Stretch Ceiling Lighting allows us a unique insight in to what is best suited to be installed through the stretch ceiling material, with no effect on the ceiling life expectancy.

We provide fibre ends with the most secure ceiling termination heads (0.75 and 1.0mm), which do not adversely affect the membrane's appearance or capabilities.

Stretch Ceilings new unique system is fitted with the following characteristics:

Long life compact light source LED powered unit far superior to the quickly becoming obsolete hot halide or tungsten halogen lamps prone to premature failure
No fan or colour wheel motor noise, cool operation
Single unit power supply with low running costs
Combinations of fibre optics produce 'near and far' star effects
Fibre density tailored to suit your individual requirements with multiple units in sync via DMX
3 cycle speeds with 7 colours; white, red, orange, jade, green, cyan, and blue, or set on any colour desired
PMMA Megalon sheathed fibre optics with bespoke harness preventing light spill
Various fibre lengths available
Option of twinkle effect