smoothing coating / for walls / cement-based



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    for walls

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IDROTASS is a dual component product in special hydraulic binders and selected aggregates with maximum granulometry of 0.6 mm combined with special additives in water dispersion, suitable to create leveling that is waterproof, carbon dioxide and vapor proof, and that has high deformability and priming capacity.

FIELD OF APPLICATION: IDROTASS is used as a protective and waterproofing leveling product to be applied

to surfaces, tanks, vertical and horizontal concrete slabs (waterproofing retaining walls and waterproofing

before laying tiles), on sand and cement floor screeds, blocks or plasters based on hydraulic binders that

require protection from water absorptions or water infiltrations.


- waterproof

- de-icing salt resistant

- highly protective

- easy and quick to apply

- elastic

HOW TO APPLY IT: IDROTASS must be applied to clean surfaces using a metal spatula and in layers with a

thickness of approx. 2 mm each. Any subsequent coat must be applied after the first application is cured

(approx 12-24 hours). It is advisable to use reinforcing meshes in fiberglass with a weight greater than

150 g/m² at the presence of surfaces that show cracks caused by hydraulic shrinkage or that are subject

to thermal deformation or static settling.

MIXED PRODUCT YIELD: approx. 3 Kg/m²


PACKAGE: IDROTASS/SACK powder in 24 kg sacks - IDROTASS/CAN liquid in 8 liter can