protective coating / indoor / for concrete / plaster



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    for concrete

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TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS: TCA1 is a special top coat plaster in hydraulic binders, selected fine aggregates and additives. The significant priming power and low permeability to carbon dioxide and water make TCA1 particularly suitable for protective leveling of concrete structures. TCA1 is compliant to Italian Ministerial Decree 10/05/2004.

FIELD OF APPLICATION: TCA1 is used as top coat plaster on concrete surfaces or slabs or over renovation mortar in restoration works of deteriorated concrete structures. TCA1 extends the duration of the passive conditions of metal armors in concrete by preventing or delaying corrosion.


- highly protective

- low water and carbon dioxide permeability

- it can be left exposed as a finishing

HOW TO APPLY IT: TCA1 is applied on a concrete or cement plasters. The mixture must be spread using a thin metal trowel and it is subsequently leveled or worked using a sponge trowel.

MIXING WATER: approx. 0.25 l/Kg (approx. 7.5 l/sack)

YIELD: 2÷3 Kg/mm2

PACKAGE: 30 kg sack