structural floor with girder-slabs / ceramic interjoist



  • Type:

    with girder-slabs

  • Interjoist type:

    ceramic interjoist


-A Ø 14 mm shank of 10.9 hardened steel, with 15 mm hexagonal head and fake washer, and Ø 12 mm threaded body.
-A 60x50 mm, 4 mm thick toothed steel plate with rectangular base.

The stud connector and the base plate, thanks to their particular conformation, come together during the embedding process. All the connector components are zinc plated with an average protection thickness of 8 μm, corresponding to 2 cycles of "Kesternich" corrosion resistance.
This is the connector of the range with the higher shear resistance, for very demanding structural applications.

Stud connector with screw and toothed plate for concrete casting integration. Element composed of a Ø 14 mm shank of 10.9 hardened steel, with washer and 15 mm hexagonal head. The Ø 12 mm threaded body has a truncated conical section at the lower end allowing it to be inserted into the central hole of the 60 x50 x 4 mm stabilizing plate folded on two sides.