floor coat rack / contemporary / aluminum / beech
AT16 by Osvaldo Borsani



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    aluminum, beech, leather

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AT 16 is a rotating coat hanger of adjustable height. The AT 16 was originally designed by Osvaldo Borsani in 1961. The re-edition appeared in 2012. The structure of the AT 16’s central column is composed of an external, aluminium tube covered in black leather and two concentric, sliding tubes in black anodised aluminium that can be locked in position by polished aluminium ring nuts.

The sliding tubes engage with the central tube which also carries brushed stainless steel rods with coat hanger balls on either end. The balls are made from solid beech wood finished in four different shades. The larger ones are 9 cm in diameter whilethe smaller ones are 3.5 cm; both are mounted on threaded inserts. Height can be adjusted between 270 and 320 cm, while the overall horizontal dimension is 69 cm.

The unit is supported on a non-slip disc and held in place by a pin in the ceiling.

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