hydromassage column with steam generator
LIGHT by Fabio Lenci



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The Light shower panel was designed to match the Light shower enclosure, but it also fits in perfectly with the Pasha and all domestic spa projects, thanks to the steam outlet and to the built-in taps. A genuine object of well-being, it stands out for its pure shapes thanks to the use of Duralight®. The exclusive shower panel is brimming with precious details, teamed with its beguiling texture: from the 3 sections of massaging water consisting of small holes in the panel itself, through to the backlit touch controls. Available with different power ratings of between 2.9 and 5.8 kW, the Light shower panel ensures an optimal temperature (of between 45 and 50 °C) at all times, along with a large quantity of steam. In addition, thanks to the air recirculation system, a fan extracts the warm air and releases it continuously in a downwards direction: this makes sure the temperature remains uniform throughout the entire treatment, for a genuine beauty ritual. Available in both the built-in recessed and against the wall versions. Designed by Fabio Lenci.

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