protection waterproofing membrane / for walls / roof / for mono-pitched roofs



  • Type:


  • Applications:

    for walls, roof, for mono-pitched roofs, flat roof

  • Format:


  • Material:

    elastomer, asphalt, polyester, bituminous


a waterproofing membrane, made of SBS elastomeric bitumen, reinforced with polyester felt (FP), and finished with a thermally bonded film on both the upper and lower side.
· The SBS elastomeric mastic provides the membrane with excellent flexibility at low temperatures.
· The non-woven polyester felt (FP) reinforcement on the inside and the polyester felt on the upper surface confer the best mechanical properties to the membrane:
· Maximum traction and puncturing resistance (static and dynamic).
· High tear resistance.
· Good dimensional stability.
· Application with mechanical fixing offers the following advantages:
· Fast installation.
· Installation is not as affected by the possibility of bad weather.
· Since the membrane is not adhered, it allows for potential movement of the support.

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