reinforcement waterproofing membrane / for walls / for roofs / flexible



  • Type:


  • Applications:

    for walls, for roofs

  • Other characteristics...:

    flexible, with vapor barrier, self-adhesive

  • Material:

    elastomer, asphalt, polyethylene


a self-adhesive, elastomeric mastic (SBS) waterproofing membrane, with a high mechanical performance polyethylene film finish on the upper side and an easily removable silicone film on the lower side.
TEXSELF 1.5 is a membrane, in which the upper side acts as both a reinforcement and non-stick film. It is a high density, very stable, cross-laminated polyethylene film, with great tear resistance and magnificent mechanical properties.
· Extremely simple application: applies quickly, cleanly, and without the need for additional tools.
· Easy adherence to the substrate after applying the asphalt primer.
· Overlaps are carried out by simple contact and pressure.
· No blowtorch needed; TEXSELF 1.5 application only requires a brush, cutter and rubber roller.
· Safe to install; minimal risk of fires because no flame is used.
· Flexible membrane that easily absorbs the movements of the roof.

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