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sheet metal cladding / metal / composite material / pre-coated aluminum



  • Material:

    sheet metal, metal, composite material, pre-coated aluminum

  • Finish:

    painted, high-gloss, brushed, printed, lacquered, satin

  • Configuration:

    panel, strip, sheet, cassette

  • Appearance:

    metal look, wood look, stone look, concrete look, imitation brick

  • Other characteristics:

    custom, patterned, decorative, large format


Our NUMERICOAT® process is simply the way to decorate your exterior facades, or interior fittings, using your images, or patterns, without restriction of your imagination.

Our top-of-the-range technology allows you to decorate directly your supports (metallic or other ...), without adhesive or transfer. This high-definition decoration has a good ten-year guarantee (on demand).

Unlimited Creativity

Express your artistic sense and creativity on the façades of the buildings you build with our HD printing technology to transfer any digitalized image.

Guaranteed good behavior

Do not worry about durability. Numericoat® is a printing process that benefits from a 10-year good-tenure warranty underwritten by AXA ASSURANCES for its exterior resistance.

Multi support

Metal cladding, aluminum cassette, steel curtain wall, all these supports are compatible with Numericoat®, making our technology an exceptional decorative solution. Possible dimensions 7000mm (length) x 2000mm (width), up to 65mm in height.