laminated glass panel / patterned / for interior / with metal insert



  • Type:


  • Appearance:


  • Applications:

    for interior

  • Other characteristics:

    with metal insert, translucent


A further product of the TG-VARIO series combines two materials in an innovative, design-oriented form to make TG-VARIOMETAL.

A layer of extremely fine metal fabric in laminated glass offers architects and planners completely new opportunities for featuring glass in modern interiors. The metal fabric can be inserted into the glass in a variety of weaving patterns made from steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals or special materials such as titanium, hastelloy or silver.

Whether its in an interior area as a room-dividing design object or in a building shell for shading, metal in laminated glass is both optically and functionally impressive. TG-VARIOMETAL can be combined with other Thiele glass products such as TG-PRINTdigital, TG-LACK or TG-PROTECTcolor.