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VersiJack® adjustable deck & paver pedestals are an economical replacement for brick, metal or wood substructures when installing raised pavers or decking for low to very high applications. Raised podium floors allow for rapid drainage, easy accessibility to waterproofing membrane and concealed services below. Using purpose-built pedestals will simplify the design and reduce the installation cost compared to any other material.

VersiJack features optional indexing (up to 10%) slope correction either at the top of the pedestal or under the base, as well as secure, easy-to-set locking rings. The broad, stable base won’t damage waterproofing, and can support more weight than any other pedestal system. Eleven different size pedestals can comfortably accommodate heights from 1-1/2” up to 40”, and work equally well with pavers (using 3 standard paver spacing sizes) or with joists and decking beams. They are manufactured in 100% recycled polypropylene, so won’t rot, retain water, or promote bacteria growth.