kitchen trash can / stainless steel / commercial / contemporary
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kitchen trash can / stainless steel / commercial / contemporary kitchen trash can / stainless steel / commercial / contemporary - 804 468


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    stainless steel

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    contemporary, foot-operated, with wheels


For storing and removing kitchen waste, the Tournus Equipement bag holder design combines three qualities that guarantee the durability of these products: robustness, ease of use and hygiene.

The new range of mobile bag holders for waste collection and disposal comes in 2 heights and 3 versions:

900 mm for general use
700 mm to fit under a table
with lid pedal and visible bag
with lid pedal and stainless steel surround
without lid, visible bag

Their entirely new design gives Tounus bag holders three qualities that guarantee their durability in use: ROBUSTNESS – EASE OF USE – HYGIENE


Made of stainless steel tubing, diameter 20 mm.
Very rigid bag support consisting of a 4 mm stainless steel flat bar and elastic strap bag fixing system.
Strong and reliable lid opening system consisting of a stainless steel pedal connected to a double stainless steel rod.
Injection moulded polypropylene lid, rigid and silent in operation.
2 smooth wheels Ø 150 mm.
Generously-sized manoeuvring handle.
Rigid stainless steel surround with hinged door and latch.
Ease of use

Very easy to move thanks to the large diameter wheels, the handle at the rear and the firm bag support against the rod.
Lid opened by a large pedal.
Front opens quickly and easily to allow the bag to be removed completely.

Smooth lines, gentle curves, no awkward corners, front which opens completely to allow easy cleaning.

Removable tray for placing on the lower frame*
Labels for sorting waste: 5 colours
(*) not suitable for use with the model with surround