engineered parquet floor / glued / oak / natural oil



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    natural oil

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a contemporary classic

„Classic“ means accomplished in an exemplary manner, complete, timeless, and therefore the golden standard – how suitable for this TRAPA natural wood floor!

The plank’s strainless 3-layer structure guarantees highest dimensional plank stability– important for heavily changing humidities, dry indoor air, controlled residential ventilation and underfloor heating.

length: 201 / 241 cm

width: 14 / 19 / 22 cm

thickness: 15 mm

3-layer structure: 4 mm top layer, 9 mm spruce mid layer of standing tree rings, 2 mm spruce back pull

longside micro-bevel: stresses the modular plank character

suitable for underfloor heating

We treat our wood from within the cell- and pore system, instead of conventionally treating it from the surface. Through our gentle surface finish with lye and natural oil we preserve such precious wood properties as warmth, comfort, diffusivity, slip resistance, anti-allergic efficiency as well as soiling and wearing protection. The blend of time, natural treatment, emotional texture, design and compatibility makes our products so unique and durable.