roof liquid waterproofing / for parking lots / polyurethane



  • Applications:

    for roofs, for parking lots

  • Material:



CP350 is a next generation, self levelling rapid curing polyurethane waterproofing membrane, typically mixed with water. Not suitable as the final wearing surface, must be over-coated with a suitable sealer such as CP951 Urethane Sealer.

CP350 can be used either as part of a TREMCO CP Urethane waterproofing system, or as a stand-alone waterproof membrane. Typical applications include car parks, balconies, walkways, plant rooms, roofs and similar installations.

Highly elastomeric liquid-applied waterproofing membrane with excellent crack bridging properties
Fully bonded to substrate - prevents water ingress
Rapid curing - can be overcoated in as little as 6 hours