acrylic liquid waterproofing / flexible

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acrylic liquid waterproofing / flexible acrylic liquid waterproofing / flexible - TREMCO CP365


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CP365 is a medium viscosity, urethane-modified, pre-reacted 100% solid membrane system based on acrylic monomers. To initiate curing, just add CP510 MMA Initiator.

CP365 is designed as a liquid applied, low modulus waterproofing membrane and coating. It can also be used as a joint filler for joints with low dynamic movements.
The cured product is a very flexible crack-bridging membrane that retains its flexibility and crack-bridging performance in service even when the temperature reaches –30°C.

The domains of application for CP365 include:

As a bridge deck waterproofing membrane, onto which rolled asphalt at temperatures up to 250°C can be directly applied.
For the sub-grade waterproofing of buildings and civil engineering structures, including underneath ground slabs.
The waterproofing of concrete and metal railway bridges including directly under track ballast.
The waterproofing of pedestrian and vehicular trafficked areas (balconies, car parks, etc.)
The protection and waterproofing of stadium terracing.
The waterproofing of tunnels, channels and dam structures.
The waterproofing of containment structures including reservoirs and waste and contaminated material storage structures.
As a joint filler for joints with low dynamic movements.
CP365 can be applied at a whole range of ambient and substrate temperatures (-10°C to +35°C) onto cementitious based screeds, concrete, filled bitumen/asphalt, metal, ceramic tile and wood substrates.