door pivot

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door pivot door pivot - E


■ Monufoctured w/th materials anti corrosion
■ Mechanism provided by three speeds of close.
1st speed:
W/th hold-open function from 90" to 15" approximately
2nd speed:
For closure, with hold-open function from 15° to 0° approximately
3rd speed:
W/th hold-open function in the last 10". indicated to overcome and
close locks with doorknob (optional functronmg)
■ Standard blockade to 90°
■ Hydroulic lotchmg oction Flash point 16V. freezing point -40"
■ Closing speed vohte adjustable in the metol box. height, width and diagonolly.
■ Finishes: polish stoinless steel - sotrn stoinless steel- veloux
■ Max door opening angle: 135"
m Without blocking
■ Longer pivot to ins toll below decoratrve floors
(length of 10. 20 ond 30mm on the standard meosure)
■ Other finishes.