ceiling-mounted radiant panel



  • Installation:



Radiant system in insulated plasterboard for wall or ceiling applications, designed for energy distribution at low temperature in heating and cooling.

Heating or Cooling is guaranteed by the radiant technology specifically designed with the goal to achieve the comfort of living by means of the comfort in a conditioned environment with all surfaces emitting energy; the heat exchange between the walls, the air and the human body, in this type of conditioning requires lower temperatures to achieve the comfort with a high energy saving.

The boards are made of a sandwich of plasterboard, circuit polyethylene and a polystyrene insulation panel to ensure monodirectionality of the energy to be distributed removing heat losses.


Total modularity with plasterboard panels isolated on the market
Ease of installation
Suitable for radiant heating and cooling
High thermal performance in heating
Use of materials with high emissivity factor
Stability in time
Costs of installation and operation comparable to those of traditional systems

Recommended for:

Open spaces
Renovation of large spaces
Buildings with noble floors