sliding shoring
4.50 m

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sliding shoring sliding shoring - 4.50 m


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Linear shoring - no comparison

With Linear shoring the soil on either side of the trench remains untouched, while there are no adverse effects on building foundations, not even if they are in the immediate vicinity of the excavation. No impairment of traffic flow, not even it if is moving right alongside the trench. Until the invention of Linear shoring such feats were considered unattainable.

Linear shoring combines tried-and-tested functional principles with unconventional, innovative ideas to create a revolutionary new shoring system. A feature of the Linear shoring system is the replacement of the permanently positioned hinged spreaders, due to the ingeneous use of rigid boogie cars that act on the shoring panels in such way that the trench width is completely uniform troughout all stages of the installation.

Vertically mobile, horizontally adjustable.

The boogie cars mounted in the supports of the shoring system can be adjusted in height to match the increasing depth of the trench. The width of the frame is adapted by the spreader system to the desired trench width.

A right to right angles.

The mobile frame accurately ensures right angles in the trench. Everything is linearly aligned, always at exactly the same distance from the opposite side. In all phases of construction. That is the key to success. Because this means you can work more efficiently, faster and to a higher standard of quality whilst at the same time cutting costs appreciably.