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    for construction sites

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A simple solution for supporting shaft internal formwork. Perfect for elevator and staircase shafts, hollow piers etc.

The KSP is a platform for the support of formwork and is used for elevator and staircase shafts, hollow piers or other types of cavities where formwork support is necessary. It is usually combined with conventional climbing brackets on the outside faces of the wall.

Certified product SIGMA KARLSRUHE
It is commonly used with conventional climbing brackets on the opposite sides of one wall
The KSP Platform consists mainly of walers (DU or MK) and gravity pawl bracket
Basic system features are as follows:
250 mm maximum stripping distance at each side of the bracket (in intervals of 50 mm)
Installation of cone recovery platform possible
Different anchorage systems possible: to the wall, with GP box-outs or climbing rings

Covers any distance with completely standard and modular material, mainly walers and timber beams
Versatile gravity pawl bracket adaptable to all waler types and different lengths
Easy adjustment of all kinds of formwork
Two solutions depending on anchor type:
Gravity pawl bracket with GP box-out: used in civil engineering construction projects, in solutions for hollow piers and gaps between walls. The bracket rests on the bottom side of the cavity made while pouring the previous stage
Folding bracket with adjustable bracket: commonly used in building construction, especially for fair-faced concrete walls. No holes are required in the wall. The adjustable bracket rests on the folding bracket, fixed to the wall with DW15 cone