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steel shoring tower

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steel shoring tower steel shoring tower - T-500


  • Material:


  • Height:

    2 m, 3 m (6'06")


Heavy duty concrete shoring system mainly used for high-rise bridge or viaduct constructions. Highlights: modular system, easy transport, quick and safe on-site erection.

Mainly used in the civil engineering industry, the T-500 shoring tower is designed to bear heavy loads. It is mainly intended for the construction of bridges or viaducts of great height by means of the gantry shoring system construction method.

It is also ideal for the construction of low bridges, where the filled falsework method cannot be used due to ground conditions.

In short, this modular shoring provides optimal performance for heavy loads at significant heights with many spans between supports.

The system comprises three main parts:
Tower base: consists of profiles on which the posts stand
Central module: modular structures that are bolted one on top of the other until the desired height is reached
Tower head: consists of the head screw jacks with the head beams on top of them, which act as load distributing profiles to support any other structure on them
Tower configuration modulation plan view: 2 x 2 m and 2 x 3 m

This is a pier load bearing bracket for the construction of bridges, avoiding direct shoring towards the ground. It is designed for use in very high piers or entrances and complex shoring areas on the ground. The MT bracket is mainly used with gantry falsework construction method.
For its high load capacity it only requires a minimum number of supports
Quick and safe on-site erection
Can be completely dismantled. Easy storage and transport due to small volume of parts
Stripping with shoes and head posts