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construction safety net

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construction safety net construction safety net


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    for construction


Fall protection equipment for the slab formwork assembly process. Simple installation.

Safety nets are designed for collective safety that limits the fall of workers to lower slab or vacuum during the slab formwork assembly process.

Easy and quick to install, the safety net is composed of perimeter cord that is attached the slab formwork through anchorages and heavy duty items so the net is positioned as closely as possible to the placement of the formwork plywood or panels.

It is a reusable safety net (System B)
Manufactured with square mesh. Maximum mesh size of 100 mm and minimum breaking energy of 2.3kJ
It can be used with RAPID slab formwork, RECUB recoverable formwork and CC-4 aluminium formwork

Prevents personnel from falling between levels
Allows for complete worker mobility above the protected area
Simple installation from the floor below
Spans different formwork grid widths